Bitcoin [BTC] scalability solution cannot be solved entirely, says Andreas Antonopoulos

Andreas Antonopoulos, who has been a popular face in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, recently addressed the scalability conundrum plaguing the Bitcoin [BTC] blockchain. As he continued to discuss important topics, Antonopoulos, in a recent Bitcoin Q/A session on his official YouTube channel, said that the long-winded scalability problem will always exist.

According to the Bitcoin patron, scalability cannot be solved permanently. He was of the opinion that there is no such “final solution” for the scalability issue on the BTC blockchain. Even as SegWit improves scaling difficulty, “it is not enough for future mass adoption”, according to Antonopoulos.

Citing a more mainstream example of the Internet, Antonopoulos said that the scalability issues with email-related problems would require a different set of solutions than problems associated with the scalability of emails with attachments.

He added that solving the scaling difficulty issue at each level would be different and while scaling one problem, a whole new avenue for applications open up, and this, in turn, would bring about another set of scaling issues. He stated,

“..and you can’t, in the beginning, solves the problem for the end there is no end and also if you prematurely optimize if you try to solve scale problems for a scale that doesn’t yet exist you shift the problem somewhere else in the case of cryptocurrencies”

In the case of virtual assets, this process of what he calls as “premature optimization” ends up damaging decentralization to solve a problem that does not exist yet.

One of the earliest supporters of the crypto-assets, Antonopoulos, also admitted that solving the scalability issue was possible and added that SegWit was just the first step of many optimizations.

Painting a potential scenario, the Bitcoin maximalist predicted that Schnorr Signatures were likely to be the next step for optimization. With subsequent optimizations, scalability issues would be sold at every step. This digital signature introduces a 25% to 35% improvement in terms of capacity by optimizing signatures.

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