Bitcoin [BTC]: John McAfee reveals he received many emails from people claiming to be ‘Satoshi’

The ‘who is the real Satoshi Nakamoto’ drama in the world of cryptocurrencies has been ongoing ever since the name of the elusive Bitcoin [BTC] creator was made public. Fast forward ten years after the inception of BTC and the comments around that topics have reached new heights.

As part of a follow up to his many and consistent tweets, John McAfee twitter post said:

“I have received today dozens of communications from people and groups claiming to be Satoshi. Below is an example email and my responses. So people, please – i do know who Satoshi is. Don’t make yourself look foolish by pretending.”

His follow-up tweet said:

“Again people, don’t make yourselves look foolish by contacting me and claiming to be Satoshi. If you need to contact me to reveal yourself then you are not him.”

McAfee’s tweet came in the wake of several e-mails that were sent to him by people claiming to be the actual creator of Bitcoin. One such email even claimed that Nakamoto was not a person but rather a group of people working in unison and was in hiding. A part of the email content read:

“We are in hiding and we just don’t do emails. Mainstream media has a time block on us which is okay, they would rather choose to give airtime to imbeciles.”

The rise in the ‘Satoshi claims’ can be attributed to McAfee recent tweet of claiming to know a dozen people who know the real identity of Satoshi. He had also added that he would start a process of narrowing down the suspects to finally reveal the actual creator of Bitcoin.

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