BAT surges by 8% after Brave Browser’s revenue feature announcement

Basic Attention Token is a utility token developed to take a different stance with regard to ads and improving the quality of surfing the web. The token, connected to the Brave Browser, surged by 8% since the most recent announcement by Brave.

The price hit a low of $0.4051 on April 25, 2019, at 03:00 UTC. However, the price soon picked up as it surged by 8.02% to reach $0.4376. The market cap of the token also increased from $535 million to $543 million.

Source: TradingView

Brave browser is based on Google Chrome and promises to improve user experience while surfing the web by reducing ads or pop-ups and more. During the launch of the browser, the company announced that users would be rewarded with BAT for viewing ads. However, reward/revenue program was limited to certain countries like the U.S. and U.K.

Today’s announcement by Brave revealed that the reward was now live and that users could now earn BAT. The official announcement stated,

“These users will receive 70% of the ad revenue share as a reward for their attention, which they can auto-contribute to publishers under default settings. Brave’s platform is a new path toward a better Internet, where users can browse the web, earn rewards, and support their favorite content creators while preserving their privacy.”

The announcement took the crypto community by storm, with many excited at the prospect of earning cryptos. A Reddit user, @Bags_Full, commented,

“Best browser out there, so happy to finally get my hands on the Ads features, I can’t wait to see what the future holds for this project.”

@Bretta84c, another Reddit user, added,

“I earned tokens the 2 weeks ago and have no idea why or how. I guess I can understand why they don’t show you how close you are to earning another BAT since people would likely setup bots or something. Also, I assume you only can earn BAT from browsing sites that are verified publishers or do you earn them from browsing any site, in general?”

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