Bakkt introduces new Chief Product Officer; community enquires about Bitcoin product launch

Earlier today, Kelly Loeffler, the CEO of Bakkt, a digital asset platform, introduced their new Chief Product Officer, in an official blog post. This news comes days after the CEO introduced the digital platform’s board members, and also gave an update on the much-anticipated launch of physically delivered Bitcoin futures.

Kelly Loeffler said,

“One of the most important aspects of building Bakkt isn’t technological. It’s human. Building an innovative company from the ground up allows us to assemble a team of trailblazers and doers — those who want to deliver on our shared vision for digital assets, and who work tirelessly to execute and deliver.”

She welcomed Mike Blandina, former Head of Payments and Credit Engineering at Paypal and Director of engineering for Google Wallet. Blandina’s designation at Bakkt will be Chief Product Officer and would be helping the team solve their customers’ challenges and also create new opportunities. She said,

“This requires us to collaborate, communicate and to lead with integrity. This will also enable us to continue to attract the best teammates […] Mike will lead our efforts to converge a trusted ecosystem for digital assets with payments use cases, two elements of Bakkt that help bring real world applications to bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.”

This was, however, followed by the majority of the community on Twitter asking when the product and the platform would be launched.

SMS, a Twitter user said,

“I congratulate you heartily !!!! Great news!!!! One thing only darkens, today 04/11/2019 you were going to open the site back in January. Where is the playground?”

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

RadiumNerve, another Twitter user said,

“2020 : cheif product delay officer 2021 : cheif product investigation officer 2022 : cheif product delay investigation officer 2023 : bakkt launching next year 2024 : bakkt delayed. Waiting for sec approval 2025 : waiting for CFTC approval 2026 : 7years of making–Bakkt launched”

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