Tron’s Justin Sun announces another plan for BitTorrent and Tron users following hard fork

Tron [TRX] launched its much-awaited hard fork on 28 February and the Tron community has largely embraced it. The Chief Executive Officer and the Founder of the Tron foundation, Justin Sun, announced,

“We will announce a plan to bring 1 billion #BitTorrent ecosystem users into #TRON and #BTT world with more partnership support! $TRX #TRX $BTT.”

The Tron community has been open to developments in the space and the coin was noting a bullish adoption projection, but Justinas Kairys, blockchain developer and cybersecurity consultant questioned the move declared by Sun, saying,

“I am sure there is a mistake in calculation here. We only have 7 billion ppl on the planet. As a comparison, YouTube or Facebook has 1.6 – 1.8bln users. Netflix 135mln.”

Kairys was not the only one doubting the number announced by the founder and CEO. Crypto Guy, an investor, asked Sun,

“7 billion people on the planet and 3 billion arent fortunate enough to have clean water or sanitation. Youre telling me that 1/7th of the entire world population will join the ecosystem. We are at 2.3 cents still! Doesnt look like any bittorent users joined with their 100M users!”

However, BitTorrent’s website mentions that the platform has over 100 million users. At the time of press, TRX and BTT were falling. TRX was valued at $0.02283 with a market cap of $1.52 billion, while noting a 24-hour fall of 3.86%. The coin registered a dip of 8.98% over the past week. TRX was highly traded on BitMart, registering a trading volume of $33.55 million via the TRX/USDT trading pair.

BTT on the other hand, was valued at $0.0007 with a 24-hour trading volume of $28.69 million. The token noted a fall of 4.53% over the past day while plunging by a massive 20.06% over the past week. The coin’s highest trading volume was noted to be $9.83 million, via the BTT/USDT trading pair on Binance.

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