Samsung Galaxy S10’s cryptocurrency wallet to be made available only in 3 countries

Samsung, one of the leading smartphone manufacturers around the globe, made headlines in the cryptocurrency space, especially in the Ethereum community. Last month, the South Korean electronics giant stated that they would be adding support to a cryptocurrency wallet in their new smartphone – Samsung Galaxy S10. However, according to the latest reports, these features would be available only in certain geographic locations.

The official announcement by Samsung said:

“Galaxy S10 is built with defense-grade Samsung Knox, as well as a secure storage backed by hardware, which houses your private keys for blockchain-enabled mobile services.

The new smartphone was released on March 8 in over 70 countries worldwide, including the US, India, Canada, Australia, European countries and China. The sale of the smartphone is set to expand to over 130 counties by the end of this month.

Nevertheless, a Twitter user, Alan [@xrphodia], asked Samsung Australia whether the phone supported a cryptocurrency wallet on its social media handle. To this, Samsung stated that the feature was currently not supported in Australia.

The team firmly stated that this was only available for users in the United States, Canada and Korea and that they would notify their users if there were any updates.

LocalethereumMichael, a Redditor, said:

“I bought the S10e thinking it would have the Ethereum wallet. Probably wouldn’t have bought it otherwise. It was a let down. Hopefully they open it up in Australia in the future. Unlike Europe, crypto wallets aren’t regulated here, so I don’t see the problem. Oh well. It’s still a good phone.”

Source: Reddit

Source: Reddit

OlympianBitcoin, another Redditor, said:

“Maybe that’s a precaution so if there are bugs they won’t affect the entire world… Still, not sure if I would trust Samsung with my crypto. Maybe for convenience, which is OK, but large amounts not really”

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