Gemini is going to be as successful as Amazon in 10 years, says Bitcoin billionaire

Cameron Winklevoss and Tyler Winklevoss, aka the Bitcoin billionaire brothers, spoke about their start in the cryptocurrency space and Gemini’s future, in an interview with The Daily Telegraph. The Winklevoss brothers also spoke about Facebook Coin, the cryptocurrency that will be launched by Facebook.

Cameron Winklevoss had stated that they were first made aware of cryptocurrency in 2012, during their holiday in Ibiza, reported uToday. The report further stated that the brothers were asked whether they knew about “secretive virtual money”, which was traded only by a few over the Internet. Post this, the brothers decided to invest the money they had made via Facebook after they realized that crypto could be a make-or-break-it investment.

Furthermore, the brothers spoke about the looming Bitcoin bear market, which slashed the valuation of BTC by over 80%. On this, Tyler stated that they do not keep tabs on Bitcoin’s price on a daily basis. They added that they are “still doing better”, taking into consideration that they had invested in the largest-cryptocurrency when it was trading at around $18.

This was followed by Cameron suggesting that investors who cannot deal with the price movements should rather stay away from investing. He also stated that the exchange launched Gemini “would be as successsful as Amazon in ten years”, reported uToday.

When asked about Facebook’s move in the cryptocurrency space, Tyler stated that it is “cool”. Whereas Cameron stated that this would be “a really positive thing” for the cryptocurrency space.

On the same subject, the brothers had previously stated:

“Money is the oldest social network and arguably the strongest and crypto is potentially one of the strongest networks of value ever in the world and will continue to do so. So, hopefully, pioneers in that space to some extent.”

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