Former Circle Senior executive: I’m not picking Bitcoin SV [BSV], I think I’m joining Bitcoin [BTC]

Jack Liu, the Senior Director of Circle, a billion dollar cryptocurrency firm, recently announced his resignation from the company in order to join and work towards Bitcoin Satoshi Vision’s improvement.

The former Senior Executive revealed that he was always prompt in his career to assist “Satoshi’s Vision” cryptocurrency endeavors. He stated that he was motivated to take on a more involved approach towards the cryptocurrency entity now, after gaining diverse experience of the crypto-sphere over the past few years.

Jack Liu was instrumental in Circle’s billion dollar evaluation as he helped the firm build a 24-hour trading service platform based out of Asia. He also helped in the development of a support product for the trading of Bitcoin Satoshi Vision [SV] at Poloniex, a cryptocurrency exchange under Circle, which was acquired by the company for $400 million.

In an interview with The Block, Liu stated,

“I’ve been a long-time veteran of this industry, and I didn’t come to it by accident. Circle was a great learning ground. But I’m all about innovation. I want to step into the open and take a more direct approach and increase the number of transactions on the blockchain. I feel a sense of urgency right now; I don’t want to be 50 when it starts working.”

Liu mentioned that he was motivated to enter the core-cryptocurrency sphere because he felt that the industry was messed up at the moment. He emphasized on the problem of “one use-case” scenario of cryprocurrency. He argued that the cryptocurrency sphere needed a variety of transactions and less financial speculations.

Moreover, Jack listed out the need to increase the number of transactions on the blockchain because of the imminent halving next year. The increased number of transactions will result in a compensation for the miners via transactions fee which will remunerate them for lower mining rewards.

Jack Liu’s decision to put faith in Bitcoin SV rather than Bitcoin was questioned in an interview. He responded by stating,

“I don’t think I’m picking BSV, I think I’m picking Bitcoin.”

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