Ethereum’s [ETH] Vitalik Buterin says ICO boom would have happened regardless of the platform

Vitalik Buterin, creator of the second largest cryptocurrency and leading smart contract platform, Ethereum [ETH], spoke about the end of the ICO boom, during an Unchained Live event with Laura Shin.

Buterin had previously stated that the next bull run, unlike the earlier one, was going to be built on the application of technology, instead of hype. During the event, Laura asked Vitalik about the end of ICO mania, considering the “fact that a large part” of Ethereum’s success was because of the ICO craze.

Buterin agreed that it was “definitely true” to an extent, adding that the ICO boom would have happened regardless of the platform. He further stated that projects such as Mastercoin were built on Bitcoin, before the launch of Ethereum. He said,

“There were all these other projects that were launching and they were using Bitcoin base that second layers dp. I feel like that boom would have happened regardless of what platform it ultimately would have happened on.”

This was followed by Buterin stating that it was a “complex situation,” due to factors associated with costs and benefits. Nonetheless, he added that one of the biggest benefits was that a lot of interesting projects were getting funded. He added,

“[…] and you know there’s a lot of big Ethereum projects that had token sales. There’s a lot of projects that did not have token sales, but had tokens that launched in other ways, Maker being one example. The fact that they have money for development is, I think, just a good and useful thing.”

He also spoke about the downside of the ICO market, and remarked that it was “definitely one of the biggest costs.” He said,

“Yeah there’s a bunch of stuff that I’m like apparently an advisor for and there are my 10,000 Instagram accounts.  They’re all scams there yeah and are very unfortunate things. If there were magical ones which could have like shut them all down, that probably would have been better, but the magic ones don’t exist.”

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