Ethereum [ETH] takes another step towards Istanbul hard fork

During the recent Ethereum core dev meeting, the first topic of discussion was the Istanbul hard fork roadmap. Istanbul is the final hard fork before Ethereum steps into the Serenity phase.

At the meeting, it was clarified that the team would move ahead with the roadmap created by Afri, a former member of the Ethereum Foundation. According to Ethereum wiki, the Istanbul upgrade is likely to go live in October 2019.

The first step would be the CoreDev meeting, which is supposed to take place in Berlin in April 17, 2019. The deadline for the acceptance of all the proposals for the Istanbul hard fork will close within a month of the meeting. July 19 would be the approximate soft deadline for major client implementations, and August would see the hard fork go live on Ethereum’s testnets, Ropsten, Gorli, or ad-hoc testnet.

Source: ETH Magicians

Source: ETH Magicians

Hudson said,

“All that being said, let’s start getting some EIPs together to propose before may, we only have about a month and a half until we close down the proposal period and start making decisions on which EIPs are going in. So anyone who had EIPs that they really wanted to go into the last fork, this is a great opportunity to get them into this fork.”

The official Istanbul hard fork metadata was noted to be EIP 1679. This “allows folks to signal the EIPs they want to include in the upcoming Istanbul hard fork. To signal an EIP, an individual can open a pull request against the hard fork meta EIP”, reported ETHNews.

Fredrick Harryson, a core developer, said,

“Propose EIPs that requires a hard fork, they can propose non-hard fork EOPs anytime they want.”

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