Ethereum [ETH]: Projects trying to use Casper will never deliver, says Pyrofex’s Nash Foster

Nash Foster, CEO and Co-founder of Pyrofex corporation, recently claimed that Ethereum and RChain’s Casper proof-of -stake [PoS] consensus mechanism failed to address an important aspect of the protocol called ‘liveness.’ He further contended that Pyrofex developed a better consensus protocol than the Ethereum network.

According to Foster, CDelta [leveraging consensus algorithm Casanova], which will initially be dedicated for settling transactional payments, is scalable even without second layer solutions.

In a recent interview with a crypto and blockchain portal Incenti News, Foster explained,

“Casper’s problem is that it’s quite easy for the mechanism to get stuck. It’s like a kid who can’t decide between chocolate and vanilla ice cream and goes back and forth perseverating over which one it wants. Now, in the analogy, your mom eventually yells at you to make up your mind, but in the blockchain, there is no ‘mom’ to do that and the Casper mechanism can get stuck.”

Liveness basically implies that a network is able to come to a consensus regarding an executed transaction, even when the network is broken. The research team of Pyrofex published a paper based on a consensus algorithm called Casanova, calling it superior to Ethereum’s Casper protocol and describing it as ‘scalable, safe, and reliable’ in real-world conditions.

Talking about the consequences if the protocol was not revamped, Foster stated that reliable networks riding on the protocol will become difficult. He also said that the network will work for some time before breaking down.

The CEO further stated,

“I think the result will be that projects trying to use Casper will never deliver. They’ll keep trying and trying and never be able to make something that works well enough to launch it. And of course, that’s what we have seen so far. So, this shouldn’t be very controversial.”

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