Cryptopia to re-open website in read-only a month after security breach

Cryptopia, a New Zealand-based cryptocurrency exchange that was hacked earlier this month, is back in the limelight with another update. The exchange platform announced that its founders, Adam Clark, and Rob Dawson, would be returning with their focus set on a “clear strategic direction” for the exchange.

The exchange could also be back in business starting this Monday, although it would be read-only at the beginning. The customers of the platform can breathe a sigh of relief as the exchange and its operations would be back in action after more than a month.

Customers will be able to check whether they still have control over their cryptocurrencies or whether their accounts were compromised after reports claimed that the platform lost over $16 million in Ethereum and ERC20-based tokens to the recent security breach.

The announcement by the exchange on its official Twitter page read:

“Update: We are aiming to have the Cryptopia site re-opened as read only by Monday.”

Eli Padilla, a Twitterati said:

“After the closed of the exchange a lot of cryptopians move to different exchanges and somehow help other small exchanges to grow, further delays losing more. It will be a challenge to cryptopia to win them back with drastic changes, programs and importantly TRUST to users.”

CryptoMaria_Kwan, another Twitterati said:

“Yes yes and yes. Hopefully next update will be open exchange as full website to allow access our coins.”

Notably, this is the second round of announcement made by the platform this week. The first announcement was made yesterday, February 27, 2o19. The exchange stated that the ‘worst case’ would be a loss of over 9% of their total cryptocurrencies due to the hack.

Waribo Nwachukwu, a Twitter user, said:

“They’ve been on this fixing of security for long. Unless a client die from frustration, they won’t sit up & do the needful. To me, they’re buying time & gauging investors mode. However, this strategy might pay off as trust will be built if the “read only” status doesn’t linger”

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