Craig Wright is everything crypto-ecosystem is against, says Roger Ver

Months after the brutal Bitcoin Cash [BCH] hard fork and subsequent hashwar, the flames of the fire were fanned once again by Roger Ver, the CEO of Ver was constantly at loggerheads with Bitcoin SV’s Wright and now, in a recent video on the YouTube channel, Bitcoin Jesus once again called out the nChain Chief Scientist, stating,

“You [Craig S Wright] are absolutely everything that this entire ecosystem is against.”

In the 14-minute video, Ver was reciting an article by Jonald Fyookball, the creator of the Bitcoin Cash [BCC] lite client, Electron Cash, titled, “Bitcoin Cash is Finally Free of “Faketoshi”! Great Days Lie Ahead,” written during the hard fork debacle.

Fyookball referred to Wright as a “tyrant” within the BCH community, suggesting that without Wright at the helm, Bitcoin Cash could re-convene and herald a “peer-peer electronic cash system”. According to the article, Craig Wright did “tremendous” damage to Bitcoin Cash.

Wright has long claimed that he is the true Satoshi, the creator of Bitcoin, a claim Fyookball shot down in his piece. The author alleged that Wright faked blog posts, PGP keys, threats, public key signings, and contracts to assert his claim and build his standing within the BCH community.

Fyookball doubled-down on calling Wright’s claim to be Nakamoto as non-existent as Wright provided no evidence to back his claim and lacks a Satoshi-like writing style, even referring to Bitcoin as “Bit Coin,” in 2011. Fyookball’s claims were seconded by Roger Ver.

Wright also made several unfulfilled promises to cryptocurrency community, according to Fyookball and Ver. According to the article,

“This caused others to wait, to waste time on his unproven ideas and solutions, and to postpone or drop their own ideas and initiatives.

In a tweet, Wright mentioned that forking free open-source software was illegal and he would demonstrate the same in March. The February 24 tweet said,

“SEC vs Harwyn Industries Corp. (1971)
Next month, we start to demonstrate that splits from original protocols are not just an airdrop, but that they are illegal.”

Ver replied to this “LaLaLand” tweet,

“If that doesn’t show you that Craig Wright has no idea what he is talking about, you’re beyond hope.”

During a Bangkok meeting that addressed the concerns regarding the hard fork, Wright refused to listen to the other speakers. Ver attested that the BSV camp, as they would later be known, did not go into the meeting “in good faith”.

In an interview with Coinspice during the Bangkok conference, Wright stated,

“There is no split. You split, we bankrupt you. This is how Bitcoin works. If you don’t like it, stiff.”

The article ended with a positive statement that with Wright gone and BSV separate from BCH, the Bitcoin Cash vision was clearer than ever. Roger Ver and Craig Wright, even after months of heated battles, have not looked to bury the hatchet anytime soon.

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