Blockchain is not for all database related projects, says ANZ Associate Director

Maria Bellmas, the Associate Director of Trade and Supply Chain of NAZ Institutional, recently questioned the effectiveness of the distributed ledger technology or the blockchain technology over the traditional systems.

In a recent blog post, the Director of Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited [ANZ] claimed that Blockchain technology is “sold as a solution to all of life’s problems” and added that not all projects would benefit from it.

She was of the opinion that even though the blockchain technology had numerous use-cases, it was still not a necessary technology. Bellmas stated that the existing legacy database and technology solutions were better for certain projects and emphasized that the technology was not mature enough. According to Bellmas, existing database systems have already provided solutions for all the issues that the blockchain wants to fix.

The genesis of blockchain was meant for completely eliminating the need for third-party intervention for the execution of transactional settlements, while traditional financial systems were still very much in need of it.

According to Bellmas, the distributed ledger technology has become the go-to technology in the tech ecosystem, whose success was fueled by the Bitcoin boom and the subsequent collapse. The technology raises important questions, despite offering genuine solutions, she asserted.

Citing the example of Chinese blockchain-related projects in 2018, where only 8% of the total 80,000+ projects were still active, Bellmas explained that the technology was not a solution for all database projects.

He Baohong, the director of CAICT’s Cloud Computing and Big Data Research Institute, had earlier compared blockchain to other short-lived contemporary technologies and said that the latter would eventually die out. However, in the case of the blockchain, the director stated,

“In this circumstance, governments globally are accelerating their efforts to establish unified standards in order to help blockchain projects to achieve real-life applications.”

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