Bitcoin’s Lightning Torch touchdowns in Iran as experiment overcomes censorship criticism

The Lightning Network has been one of most talked-about and highly debated topics in the blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem this year. The Lightning Torch experiment gained a lot of traction as major personalities and crypto influencers got involved in the global peer-to-peer experiment.

The experiment reached another major milestone this week, with the Torch reaching Iran, days after it invited criticism about censorship among participants based in the country.

Ziya Sadr, Coinex executive, who received the transaction recently, had this to say,

Source: Twitter

The Lightning Network was facing major flake after one participant refused to send the transaction to a recipient in Iran. The situation was contrary to the principal objective of the Lightning Network at it was designed to be borderless and completely decentralized for both Bitcoin and Lightning Payments.

After Ziya Sadr was denied access to receive payment on the network, he gained tremendous community support, including from Peach Inc’s Vijay Boyapati who claimed that political factors had prevented him from getting involved in the Lightning Torch experiment.

Vijay Boyapati commented,

“Very sad that two peaceful people cannot transact with each other across the world because of the state.”

According to the Torch’s official website, a Welshman based in the UK, Bitgeiniog, facilitated the move after receiving the payment from Bitcoin industry media platform, Bitcoin Magazine.

The news triggered a lot of positive feedback for the Lightning Network as the experiment overcame its censorship resistance.

LN was the brainchild of a Twitter user, @hodlonaut, and he tweeted,

Source: Twitter

The Lightning Torch has been passed on to another Iranian, Ziya, now. The whole scenario over the past week up until Ziya receiving the torch, indicated a clear picture of the Lightning Networks transparency towards complete decentralization as the project overcame a major censorship issue within the span of a week.

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