Bitcoin SV’s [BSV] Calvin Ayre defends controversial picture as John McAfee hits back

Calvin Ayre, the Founder of the Ayre Group, defended his 12 March tweets about a pool party with “young” women. Crypto-proponents were vocal in their displeasure towards Ayre’s pictures and video, and pushed back against the Bitcoin SV [BSV] spearhead.

In his reply to an article by AMBCrypto detailing the incident, he referred to the ‘women’ in the picture as “legal adults.” Ayre further added that the pictures were being “weaponized” against him due to his support for the nascent cryptocurrency, Bitcoin SV. He called this issue not one based on ethics or morality, but one based on “technology.”

His tweet stated,

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Ayre continued his attack on anyone who opposed his tweets, referring to the crowd as “anti scaling trolls.” He claimed that this group was out for him, and were constantly trying to “demonize” him, because of BSV’s “technical position.”

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The BSV proponent did not let the topic slide however, still defending his actions in the days following the original tweets. On 15 March, he stated that the video of the “Cuban national twerking team” was taken when he was not in the room, despite the picture being tweeted with the caption “at my pool.”

Ayre added that “ladies” in “this part of the world,” filmed themselves when they were “twerking,” and practiced the dance form constantly.

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Trying to distance himself from the video in question, Calvin Ayre went on to state that the pictures and videos depicted a “cultural experience.” He then put out a disclaimer to anyone offended by the tweets, asking them to “please stop watching my personal social media feeds.”

Ayre’s antics failed to appeal to the larger cryptoverse. John McAfee, a vocal cryptocurrency proponent known for his brash conduct with women and alcohol, criticized Ayre’s behavior with strong words.

Referring to himself as the “King of Badass,” McAfee offered some “unsolicited advice” to the controversy-ridden Ayre. The US Presidential-hopeful stated that Ayre’s behavior was not conducive to the virtual currency realm.

McAfee tweeted,

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Needless to say, Ayre did not take heed to McAfee’s advice. The BSV proponent stated that he did not need advice from McAfee, and attacked the latter over the 2012 murder of Gregory Faull.

Ayre responded,

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Faull’s family has maintained that Gregory’s death was due to John McAfee, the victim’s neighbor. The crypto-proponent was found legally “liable” for Faull’s death by a Florida district court. McAfee, who was named as a “person of interest” by the Belize police, fled the country immediately after the murder.

Backing down from his responses to opposers, Calvin Ayre continued to defend his controversial tweets. With many questioning the age of the “women” in the pictures and the video, he stated that all but one of the “women” were over the age of 19. He stated,

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However, Ayre’s defense did little to stop several crypto-influencers from chiming in. Mike Dudas, CEO and Founder of The Block, stated that he would be “alerting the authorities about your underage activities.” Francis Pouliot, CEO and Co-founder of Bull Bitcoin, accused Ayre of being a “pedophile.”

Notably, no one from the upper echelons of the Bitcoin SV community has come out in support of Ayre. Craig S Wright, the chief scientist of nChain and the man behind Satoshi’s Vision, did not come to Ayre’s defense, despite being an ally and very vocal on Twitter.

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