Bitcoin SV [BSV]’s Calvin Ayre fires back again after John McAfee’s unsolicited advice

Calvin Ayre, the Bitcoin SV [BSV] spearhead, did not back down following the uproar that followed his tweets last week. He has defended his pictures of “young” women dancing, and pushed back against his critics, labeling them “anti-scaling trolls,” including the crypto-stalwart, John McAfee.

On March 12, the Founder of the Ayre group posted pictures and a video on Twitter, depicting the “Cuban national twerking team,” and was met by vocal backlash. Many top influencers within the cryptospace called the BSV leader an opponent of decentralized currency for his antics.

Among his opposers was John McAfee, the crypto-enthusiast and US Presidential hopeful, who tried to convince Ayre to “pause for a moment and look at your reality.” Ayre did not take McAfee’s advice, instead accusing him of murder, referencing the 2012 death of Gregory Faull.

Not backing down from his claim, Ayre continued his attack on McAfee, tweeting,

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John McAfee however, calling the allegation “fucking nonsense.” Deflecting the attack, McAfee replied that controversies were common to everyone, but the main focus should be escaping the shackles of government tyranny. He then spoke directly to Ayre asking him to take note of his actions.

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To McAfee’s second round of advice, Ayre responded, “f*ck you.” McAfee was not offended however, instead giving a “bi-curious” invitation to Ayre’s request.

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Meanwhile, Ayre maintained that he had not entertained “minor girls,” as many accused him of. With the upcoming CoinGeek conference scheduled for May 2019, Ayre would not want unnecessary controversies taking center stage. In light of the same he tweeted,

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Ayre further added that the “anti scaling trolls” were ignoring the debate around Bitcoin SV’s “superior” technology, by bringing up the issue of the “twerking” women. He added that the crypto-community should not be sidetracked by “twerkflufflegate,” and that scaling should be looked at first.

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He also accused his opposers of trying to “censor” the conference by “rabidly” attacking him over his pictures and video. Ayre added that legal action was imminent, and his lawyers were looking into the matter.

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Finally, Ayre uploaded pictures of the girls in question, claiming that they were all over the age of 18. He added that the girls were facing severe harassment since the pictures were uploaded, and they requested the community to “please stop the harassment.”

In a note to AMBCrypto, McAfee maintained his advisory position, requesting the latter to “Think before acting,” as “Our actions impact everyone.”

On asked if Ayre, the gambling mogul, viewed the cryptospace through the myopic lens of a get rich quick scheme, McAfee maintained his distance, but hinted that there may be some truth to those claims.

He stated,

“I do not know him well enough to judge, hiwever (however), gambling is his claim to fame and gambling is certainly a get rich quick scheme.”

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