Bitcoin Cash [BCH] proponent Roger Ver talks about Cash Shuffle and wallet updates

The cryptocurrency market and its developments are a closely watched phenomenon with its price movements and developments never failing to create news in the cryptosphere. Roger Ver, the Chief Executive Officer [CEO] of and an avid Bitcoin Cash [BCH] supporter, spoke about the latest updates in the BCH community as well as the cryptocurrency field in a video recently.

Ver started by talking about Cash Shuffle, an application aimed at making transactions and purchase more fungible than it is right now. Its focus on privacy has pushed the application’s popularity in the cryptosphere, with Ver himself using it for transactions. Cash Shuffle’s official website states:

“CashShuffle is both a protocol and an implementation for Bitcoin Cash privacy-enhanced transactions, based on the CoinShuffle protocol.”

Cash Shuffle allows users to combine their transactions with others creating obfuscation. Cash Shuffle has also stated that there is no risk of lost funds and the service has no additional fees. Coin Shuffle uses a layered encryption scheme so that no party has any knowledge of other parties.

Talking further about Cash Shuffle, Ver said that 152 BCH worth $20,000 were shuffled in a single transaction which was then followed by a transaction of 190 BCH worth $25,000, in the last week alone. Another important point cited by Ver was that during both the above-mentioned transactions, the transaction fee was less than a penny. He added:

“The service is private which makes BCH much better than BTC. What makes the money is the fungibility as customers want their assets to be protected.”

Ver also touched upon the developments of the wallet as well. He revealed that customers can buy BCH within the wallet itself, without exiting the application. Currently operational in the UK and the EU, registered customers can conduct transactions with a $150 limit without a KYC process, after which they have to complete it.

In other developments related to BCH, Roger Ver also explained that users can now book more than 500,000 hotel rooms using Bitcoin Cash on

Bitcoin Cash was in the news recently after it was banned by the Thailand Securities and Exchange Commission [SEC]. As an alternative, the SEC had stated:

“Currently, there are four cryptocurrencies that can be used for base trading pairs. They are bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), ripple (XRP), and stellar (XLM).”

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