Bitcoin [BTC]: Craig Wright speculated to be paying $5,000 for old BTC mining wallets

A user named Wallet Buyer posted a thread on Bitcoin Forum to purchase old Bitcoin wallets used between 2008 to 2010. This thread created a lot of hype after some people in the community suggested that this was Craig Wright posting anonymously.

The intention behind the user’s need for the wallet was unclear. However, there were specific instructions regarding the wallet, which was unusual. The user specified that he/she would pay $5,000 for the wallet. The specifications stated,

“1) Mined coins between 2008 and 2010 inclusive.
2) Mined at least 300 BTC.
3) Formats accepted are wallet.dat (core) or raw private keys.
4) Your wallet and/or private key addresses must have 0 BTC in them now. You can never use them again.
5) Buying up to 3 wallets that meet the criteria above.”

Further, the user also posted the specifics as to how the transfer would happen. He said that half of the BTC would be sent after signing a message as “proof [s]” and the other half of the BTC would be sent “on receipt and verification of the wallet or private key(s).” Alternatively, the user suggested the use of escrow to facilitate the transfer of wallet and the funds.

Craig Wright, the self-proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto, is known to alter facts to try to prove that he was, in fact, the creator of Bitcoin. WikiLeaks pointed out how Wright altered information in old documents to his advantage. Moreover, Craig Wright faced the heat of Twitter users after he announced that he would file lawsuits against anyone that “harassed” him or copied his tweets. This led to Craig Wright’s account getting suspended from Twitter.

A Twitter user @shitcoinsherpa tweeted,

“Craig S Wright’s trying to pay someone $5k for early wallets/priv keys. 😂

While some users were sure that it was Craig Wright, other users suggested that it could just be a person trying to evade taxes.

Twitter user @marsmensch commented,

“I don’t think it’s Craig. Probably someone that needs to make a proof for tax authorities. Good luck”

@shitcoinsherpa also contributed to another possibility as he tweeted,

“^Bingo. Literally, the only other plausible reason I can imagine is two rich guys having a high stakes bet over one’s bullshit lie that they mined Bitcoin prior to 2011. So, either that or Craig. Occam’s Razor, and what-not.”

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