Bitcoin [BTC]: Craig Wright announces intention to file for harassment, libel and slander against false/erroneous claims

Craig Wright, the self-proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto and creator of Bitcoin, announced that he will now hold people, websites, and companies that make false claims and “harass” him under a false pretext, accountable.

Craig Wright has repeatedly claimed that he is the creator of Bitcoin. However, naysayers have said that Wright hasn’t provided any concrete evidence to back his claims. Many have, in fact, gone to great lengths to prove Wright didn’t create Bitcoin. WikiLeaks was one of these naysayers after it recently posted a thread on Twitter, suggesting that Wright altered old documents to prove he was Nakamoto.

In response to these detractors, Craig Wright tweeted,

“Protection from Harassment Act 1997 c. 40 & Malicious falsehood
Welcome to the UK.
In Europe, we have harsh laws that carry penalties that may be enforced in other jurisdictions, including the USA and Canada.
Thanks to my privacy being destroyed by a conman forcing testimony..”

The thread continued, with Wright stating that he will be taking “aggressive” steps against people and websites that make erroneous or false claims. He added,

“You wanted to know who made Bitcoin. You get to learn in a manner that is going to completely eradicate the scams in this industry and start holding People to account.
You do not have a right to lies under “free speech” nor harassment, nor libel and slander. If an error is reported in a malicious context concerning me. Expect to be living in a barrel when we finish with you.”

Additionally, Wright clarified that any lawsuit would hold up in court, if the defendant had an improper motive, citing two lawsuits, Greers Ltd v Pearman and Corder Ltd., and Kaye v Robertson, as examples.

These tweets were met by mixed reactions online, with many in the cryptoverse supporting as well as trolling him.

Alistair Milne, an investor, and an entrepreneur tweeted,

“If Craig Wright doesn’t sue for libel / defamation those calling him a fraud, it means he has no confidence he can prove he is not a fraud in a court of law. Perhaps why he is trying the ‘copyright’ route instead. Sadly he made himself a public figure. 😂

In response, Wright tweeted,

The lead developer of Monero also pitched in, tweeting,

Samson Mow, the CSO of Blockstream tweeted,

Peter Todd, a cryptographer tweeted,

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