Bitcoin [BTC] becomes part of popular protests after street art promotes cryptocurrency

Bitcoin [BTC] is the most influential cryptocurrency, in terms of value, and according to recent reports, the cryptocurrency has been linked to a piece of street art in Paris, France.

Pascal Boyart, a French artist, recently created and revealed a piece of street art which had a Bitcoin QR code embedded inside.

Paris recently witnessed riots and protests over unchecked printing of fiat currency, as a growing number pf people throw their support behind Bitcoin. The “yellow vest” protests also saw people in Paris wearing yellow vests with the words “Buy Bitcoin.”

Source: Twitter

The piece of street art suggests that the Bitcoin movement was getting more and more prominent in France. Pascal Boyart has been actively spreading the word about Bitcoin through his creations. The art in question, depicted French Painter and Impressionist, Eugène Delacroix, burning a $100 euro note in his hand.

The art suggested the end of centralized institutions in the country, responsible for devaluing people’s savings and financial independence.

However, Ledger’s CEO, Eric Larchevêque, claimed that most of the people involved in the yellow vest protesters did not necessarily know a lot about cryptocurrency.

He stated,

“The yellow vests do not really know about Bitcoin… They do not really think that cryptocurrency will solve their problems.”

With the word of mouth about Bitcoin spreading in France, the present protest is just another step towards the wider adoption of Bitcoin in the country.

Max Keiser, Bitcoin enthusiast had this to say,

“If every French person converted 20% of their bank deposits into Bitcoin… French banks and the government would collapse and a lot of bloodshed could be avoided.”

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