Basic Attention Token [BAT] is a utility token defined to account for human attention, says Brave CFO

During an Ask Me Anything [AMA] session on Reddit, Holli Bohren, the CFO of Brave, addressed the community’s queries pertaining to Brave, including topics such as advertising on the platform and the Vertamedia vs Bitsize Networks case.

StrosPartison, a Redditor, asked Holli Bohren about the steps taken by Brave to help advertisers [conservative corporate] feel “comfortable acquiring and managing a crazy cryptocurrency such as BAT.” To this, the CFO stated  that advertisers did not have to buy and manage BAT directly for publishers who can be paid in different currencies

This was followed by Distant View, another Redditor, inquiring about the percentage of Brave employees who get their salary in BAT. To this, Holli Bohren said that there were no employees being paid in BAT in “lieu” of salary.

Daeg83 asked,

“I know from reading the faq on the .org that the team is very against calling it currency or a security. It’d be insane to think the team isn’t planning on an iTunes/play store competitor for books movies and music. Do you see that incorporation as a challenge? Is that somewhere in the roadmap?”

Holli stated that Basic Attention Token was a utility token, “defined to account” for human attention. She also said that they would be adding support for other digital assets, and would also make them usable for average folks’ different e-commerce purposes.

The next question pertained to the Vertamedia LLC vs Bitsize Networks case. According to Redditor Mcin5175, Bohren claimed that Vertamedia provided fraudulent traffic and refused to pay its invoice. The Redditor went on to state,

“You were the COO/CFO at the time. The court later ruled in Vertamedia’s favor for breach of contract and they won their unpaid invoices. However, it took that company almost 2 years to recoup the money you refused to honor. Any comment at all?”

Source: Reddit

Source: Reddit

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