Basic Attention Token [BAT] can now be earned while browsing Vimeo, The Guardian on Brave Browser

The concept of privacy and fungibility was a key area of focus for cryptocurrencies as well as crypto-based applications. Setting aside privacy-oriented coins like Monero [XMR], there have been certain privacy-focused applications that have made their way into the mainstream realm. A key example of the same is the Brave browser, an open source web browser based on Chromium.

Latest reports suggest that users can now earn Basic Attention Token [BAT] while browsing the Brave browser. There are 14,657 detected Brave Browser/BAT Website publishers, many of which are websites frequented by millions of people. The list includes Vimeo, The Guardian, and the Washington Post. Some users had queries about the earn feature with one Reddit user, mogberto, asking,

“So quite a few websites I frequent are on there. Does anyone actually make a worthwhile sum from this?”

Another Redditor replied,

“Not really since most bat contribution have largely come from ugp grants to users so far. But Brave has a ton of advertisers lined up for the ads launch. Once that’s live + 1.0 Brave, the amount of money paid for ppl to watch ads is orders of magnitude higher than what the ugp is able to sustain.”

The number of publishers using the browser also shot up over the past six months. stated that 35,000 new parties joined the browser since October, bringing the total tally to almost 60,000.

Brave Browser recently announced that the preview of ads developer channel had entered the second phase. The organization announced,

“With today’s Developer Channel update [version 0.63.4], testers on OS X, Linux and Windows x64 [with 32-bit/x86 to follow shortly] will start to see the ads they are viewing being counted [”ad notifications received”] on the Brave Rewards Settings Page [accessible through brave://rewards].”

This feature allows users to contribute BAT to all the websites visited by them. The second phase of development also introduced “anonymous, but accountable campaign reporting for brands” on the browser. Another feature was Brave Ads, allowing visitors to earn BAT while watching the advertisements.

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