Anthony Pompliano proposes Lightning Network integration to enable Bitcoin payments for groceries

Anthony Pompliano, the founder of Morgan Creek Digital and a Bitcoin proponent, recently revealed that he intended to integrate Bitcoin’s Lightning Network with grocery stores within the Kroger’s system.

Kroger recently announced that the organization’s major grocery entity, Smith’s Food and Drug stores, stopped all operations under the VISA protocol after stating that VISA had been misusing its status and charging retailers extra for a long time.

Kroger has multiple stores under the Smith’s Food and Drugs name tag, which overall gave its group grocery store chain. The grocery store division will stop accepting VISA payments from April 13.

After the announcement, Pompliano quickly suggested that major United States retailer Kroger must deploy the Lightning Network in their operative stores. He indicated that the system of Kroger had been putting too much financial pressure over the stores.

He stated,

“In case we can somehow connect with the leadership for the grocery store, Kroger, I guess Morgan Creek Digital team will reach out to them to install the Lightning Network for them. The store has reportedly has stopped accepting VISA payment in over 250 stores because of network fees. The network will provide for them the required protocols with much lesser a fee.”

In a recent discussion with the BlockPublisher, Pompliano suggested that he had been in touch with the Digital team of Kroger. He suggested that Kroger should introduce the Lightning Network as a method of payment. Bitcoin’s Lightning Network brings forward a more efficient payment platform for cheaper and faster transactions, which cost Kroger a lot of capital when they were paired with VISA.

Anthony Pompliano also heaped praised on the Kroger team as he labeled them as the most co-operative. The proposition to integrate Lightning Network in the Kroger system was in place, he clarified.

He stated,

“We are amidst talks with the Kroger Digital Team hoping to escalate a partnership. The crew has responded wonderfully to our proposition.”

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