“There will certainly be three Ethereum tokens to choose from,” says co-founder of Casper Labs

Scott Walker, the co-founder of Casper Labs, talked about the recent controversy over Vlad Zamfir, a lead researcher at Ethereum Foundation, leaving Ethereum to join a Casper Labs, in an interview with CNBC Crypto Trader.

The controversy started when Mrinal Manohar, the CEO of Casper Labs told The Block that Zamfir will be joining the firm to build a “fully scalable blockchain”. This, however, was soon dismissed by both Vlad Zamfir and Vitalik Buterin on their official Twitter handles.

On this, Scott affirmed that Vlad was “absolutely not” leaving Ethereum and called the controversy a “completely unfounded rumour”. He further stated that Vlad was neither taking a step back from Ethereum nor was taking a step ahead, to focus more on the scaling protocol.

This was followed by the co-founder speaking about Casper, which is developed by Vlad Zamfir as a part of a research. He said:

“We learned about the the CBC Casper protocol and we began to believe that there was an opportunity for a new blockchain based on this Casper protocol regardless of whether Ethereum decides to use it or not use it we’re huge believers in Vlad’s vision of CBC Casper”

He went on to say that Casper Labs is a Research and Development firm that is building a public blockchain, which is based on Casper protocol. He went on to say that it is going to be a “pure decentralized proof-of-stake blockchain”, adding that it is going to be one of the “highly advanced blockchains” to be ever proposed. He stated that the reasons for this were:

“There’s two major problems with proof of stake blockchains but the main one is first, they’ve yet to scale. The ones that have scaled, they’ve come up with a way of scaling that really removes decentralization and so mainly the way that they’ve been able to scale these protocols is by coming up with some type of centralization. We believe that this is the best solution ever proposed for a fully decentralized and yet scalable blockchain”

This was followed by the co-founder speaking about Ethereum implementing Casper. Here, he claimed that the leading smart contract platform would definitely implement “some version of Casper at some point in the future”.

“There certainly I believe going to be multiple versions of Ethereum so it really depends on which Ethereum you’re referring to. There is Ethereum Classic, there is a current Ethereum that is a mined proof-of-work token and there will soon be a third Ethereum. I assume that will still be called Ethereum and ETH, I don’t know but there will certainly be three Ethereum tokens to choose from”

ezpfan324, a Redditor said:

“walker (capser labs) is making an aggressive move to undercut development of eth 2.0 by rushing-out some shitty version first vlad zamfir (as i have been saying for years) doesnt care about ethereum. he is a nasty character. has never done anything good for ethereum. and wants to help caspr lasb to sabotage ethereum and get rich. No one will support his rip-off version of Eth 2.0. same goes for substrate polkadot.”

-0din, another Redditor said:

“They haven’t been able to successfully launch V2 yet, why are we even talking about V3?”

XRPwned, a Reddit user said:

“Yeah it’s called cardano”

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