Roger Ver lauds Bitcoin Cash [BCH] community as new study confirms their persistence

Bitcoin Cash [BCH] has no doubt, been one of the most polarising and controversial coins in the past year, and their community has not held back. Spearheaded by the CEO of, Roger Ver, the BCH camp has hailed the coin as the original intent of Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency of the future.

Ver, the outspoken BCH proponent, has taken to Twitter to laud his passionate community which, according to a study by ChainBulletin, has soared in terms of their enthusiasm on online media portals, particularly Reddit. He tweeted out the ChainBullettin study to spread the world to the online BCH community.

ChainBullettin analyzed the community’s dominance in terms of four parameters, the activity on the coin’s respective subreddit, the traffic generated on the coin’s forums outside Reddit, the study also looks at social-media platforms build on cryptocurrencies, for example, Steemit. Finally, the coin-names that pop-up in searches, which looks at physical discussions between members of a coin.

The results, which were only limited to the first parameter i.e. the subreddit activity, revealed that the Bitcoin Cash community has the highest activity, followed by the likes of Bitcoin [BTC], Ethereum [ETH], Ripple and VeChain [VET]. Making up the end of the top-12 are EOS [EOS], Stellar Lumens [XLM], Kin, Monero [XMR], Nano, IOTA [MIOTA], and Basic Attention Token [BAT].

Bitcoin Cash and its community has certainly been abuzz since the coin split and created Bitcoin SV back in November, which is what has caused an uptick in the subreddit activity of the coin, claims Chainbulletin.

The study stated the following about Bitcoin Cash:

“Despite unfounded allegations of being a pump-and-dump, the fourth cryptocurrency in terms of market cap outperforms everyone else in reddit enthusiasm during a bear market, with a community that’s clearly passionate and devoted to global adoption.”

Chainbulletin further stated that if the analysis is trimmed to look at only the most active subreddit per cryptocurrency, the Bitcoin Cash lead will increase to 20 times that of Bitcoin, the next most popular cryptocurrency on the market.

Furthermore, Chainbulletin is willing to conduct another study to gauge the traffic in the Bitcoin Cash subreddit, in the next few months because they suspect that the current increase is due to the hardfork and hashwar and in a few months the same will die down.

Some Twitter users highlighted that despite being the most “passionate,” there is no quality in the sixth largest cryptocurrency in the market. A user bitcoin non olet tweeted:

“Pretty sure you know the difference between quantity and quality. Bagholding Bcash and ranting about it on reddit doesn‘t make your fork outperforming anything.”

Another user MansBestFriend [Jan/3 ] had some harsh words for Roger Ver:

“Roger, when you wake up in the morning, go directly to the mirror. When looking in the mirror, tell yourself the truth. Leave mirror, March over to computer and market sell BCH for BTC. Welcome back.”

Mr Bitcoin, another Twitter user saw the metric in another way, tweeting:

“This is a measure of entertainment value so yes bcash is the clean winner”

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