Ripple fans compared to “Flat Earthers” by a prominent Bitcoin [BTC] enthusiast and trader

Tone Vays, a prominent trader, Bitcoin enthusiast tweeted that having a debate between prominent people in the Bitcoin community and those in the XRP and Ripple community would be like a conversation between “Geologists” and “Flat Earthers”.

@Zerpryder tweeted that it would be “very educational” if there was a debate between members of the XRP and BTC community like David Schwartz [CTO of Ripple], Adam Back [CEO of Blockstream], Peter Todd [Cryptographer], Brad Garlinghouse [CEO of Ripple], Saifedean Ammous [Bitcoin economist and Author], Ryan Zagone [Director of Regulatory Relations of Ripple], Trace Mayer and Tone Vays.

Tone Vays retweeted @Zerpryder’s tweet saying:

“No, it would be more like Geologists debating Falt Earthers or those who still think the Earth is the Center of the Universe.
— #Bitcoin —
I was initially going to say “Creationists” but that would be disrespectful. The earth being 6,000 yrs old makes way more sense than $XRP”

There are people in the community who are against Ripple and XRP and are under the impression that Ripple and XRP is not a blockchain or decentralized. This is not a new revelation for Ripple as it faces a lot of heat especially when it comes to the topics of decentralization.

Tone Vays continued:

“Just to be clear, #Bitcoin & #Ripple have absolutely NOTHING in common besides being on @CoinMarketCap. $XRP is NOT money/currency, it’s a #security of @Ripple Corp, like all #ICO. If @SEC_Enforcement actually did their job, this would’ve already been clarified by @SEC_News”

A Twitter user, @Gannvan commented:

“Bitcoin core’s most prized developer thinks the earth is at the centre of the universe, so they might agree on something at least.”

Another user @Vovano commented:

“Omagad I fell in love with @ToneVays on this tweet. Why would anyone confuse XRP with a store of value”

@zerpryder tweeted:

“Hey @cryptomanran this I’m sure would draw a large audience. I for one would clear my calendar for the entire day to witness this. Anyone else have someone in mind to Host/Moderate?”

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