Exclusive: Zebpay CEO Ajeet Khurana talks about India shutdown, regulatory frameworks and more

In an exclusive with AMBCrypto, Ajeet Khurana, the Chief Executive Officer of Zebpay spoke about the developments in the space, the shutdown of the company in India and the regulatory updates in the cryptocurrency world.

Ajeet Khurana started by pointing out what he would tell a random acquaintance about the field of cryptocurrency and if he is met with trepidation and doubt. The Zebpay CEO stated:

“The first thing I would do is to create circumstances that would take the question into another route. Within the first few sentences, you can judge the prejudices and that can range from one extreme to another. People come from a position of ignorance ou of which 5 percent are positive, 5 percent are negative and the rest of the 90 percent are aloof.”

According to him, there are two things that can be done to improve the people’s stand on cryptocurrencies. The first factor is to create a non-controversial irrefutable stand and state that the field of cryptocurrencies is the most compelling reason to explore Bitcoin. Khurana added:

“Just like the internet, cloud computing and artificial intelligence if you want to unleash the full force of the technology, then it requires a mechanism where people come together. After this point of discussion, people have to take a stand against public blockchain and if you support the public blockchain and don’t support Bitcoin, there is probably another cryptocurrency that may be useful to you.”

He further opined that people want to discuss the money aspect of cryptocurrencies and even claimed that he does not say crypto is 100 percent the future of money. Money has changed over time and it is time to introspect whether the money we have right now is the perfect version of it, he added.

Khurana also talked about the controversial shutdown of Zebpay in India and surprised users and enthusiasts by saying that “as soon as conditions are more conducive for cryptocurrencies then Zebpay will surely come back to India”. In his words:

“Globally, the atmosphere of regulations are improving and that includes India too. We absolutely want to be in India and this comes after we decided to close our only stream of revenue in the country. The original reason for the shutdown was the fact that we realized even the customers could get hurt, especially in the Peer- to-Peer service. We decided we could not be party to a system that would negatively impact the customers.”

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