Ethereum [ETH]’s Gorli Testnet successfully launched by team at GorliCon

Ethereum Foundation members recently announced the launch of its new Testnet – Görli, a proof-of-authority [PoA] testnet on Ethereum, this week during GörlieCon 2019. It is also Ethereum’s very first PoA cross-client testnet.

According to reports, the testnet was initiated in the month of September 2018 and the leading teams of the Foundation collaborated on the open-source project. This includes Infura, MakerDAO, Parity Technologies, ChainSafe and PIA network.

In a blog post titled – ‘The Gorli Testnet Proposal – A call for participation’, Afri Schoedon, the hard fork co-ordinator at Ethereum and Release Manager at Parity, had stated that this testnet could become the next-generation public testnet of Ethereum. The proposal was also made taking into account that there was no testnet that was both “widely usable across all client implementation, and robust enough to guarantee consistent availability and high reliability.”

Department of Decentralization + ETHBerlin said on Twitter:

“The moment the #Goerli testnet was launched!!!! Congrats to @ChainSafeth and @5chdn for all their hard work over the last few months! What an inspirational team!!”

Centrifuge, also said on Twitter:

“And it’s live! The idea of cross-client #Goerli testnet was born at @ETHBerlin last year and launches today at #GoerliCon only a few months later. Way to go @ChainSafeth @5chdn !!”

Helena, a member of the Ethereum community said:

“Super proud to have been part of this moment! And to have seen how much these guys have dedicated to build the #Goerli testnet! HAPPY LAUNCH DAY @ChainSafeth and @5chdn”

Apart from this testnet, Ethereum has three others; Rinkeby testnet, Ropsten testnet and Kovan testnet. Ropsten testnet uses the proof-of-work [PoA] algorithm and is also noted to be the last public PoW testnet. This was the same testnet which was used to test the Ethereum hard fork in the month of the October 2018. The Ropsten Constantinople hard fork testnet, however, encountered several issues resulting in the postponement of the actual hard fork to January 2019.

Kovan and Rinkeby, on the other hand, are a proof-of-authority testnets. Rinkeby testnet was also deployed to test the Constantinople hard fork days before the actual hard fork. This fork, contrary to Ropsten, was successful as the testnet forked over to Constantinople with any issues.

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