Ethereum [ETH]: Bitcoin SV’s Calvin Ayre says ETH platform based on a “scam”

One of the biggest proponents of Bitcoin SV [BSV] since the coin hardforked in November 2018, Ayre Group’s Calvin Ayre has continued his attack on other platforms, referring to the Ethereum platform as a “scam.”

In a tweet posted on 19 February, Ayre referenced an article that reported the key features of scam initial coin offerings [ICOs], as listed out by the United States’ Federal Bureau of Investigation [FBI]. His tweet read:

“the entire Ethereum platform is based on a scam”

The article, based on an interview with the Section Chief of FBI’s Financial Crimes Section, Steven M. D’Antuono, stated that scamsters often misrepresent the Director’s professional experience to present a false image of the ICO’s popularity and state a hyped return valuation. Ayre likened the above-mentioned points to Ethereum.

D’Antuono further warned investors to keep a fair distance from those companies which are entirely based on the internet and suggested that they should check the jurisdiction of such companies’ operations, so that the laws governing the same are known.

Ethereum and Bitcoin SV have been engaged in a series of disputes, with the co-founder of the Ethereum platform, Vitalik Buterin referring to Bitcoin SV as “dumpster fire” in a December 2018 tweet.

Calvin Ayre said:

“I believe Vitalik is acting as a type of fraudster and has no business commenting on things he clearly is not competent to be commenting on such as Craigs abilities (outshine his) or what crypto actually scales and is sound money (not Ethereum)”

He further criticized the Ethereum co-founder, stating that Buterin is, “intentionally misrepresenting others for perceived benefit.”

This is not the first time that the word, “scam” has cropped up within the Bitcoin SV camp. Several Bitcoin SV proponents have lashed out at the opposition, labeling many as misleading and bent on preventing Bitcoin from achieving its true potential as spelled out in the 2009 whitepaper. On the other hand, several influencers within the non-BSV world have also voiced their opinion against BSV, labeling the coin as a scam.

The present episode follows Bitcoin developer Jimmy Song’s criticism of Bitcoin SV. Song also called BSV’s Craig Wright a “known scammer.” A pro-BSV editorial hit back at Song, referring to him as,

“The man who is most memorable for his cowboy hat rather than his ideas or creations in the BTC world.”

Users on Twitter had their own views on the subject, with one user @skret1989 commenting,

“ETH had the potential, but it spoiled it”

Another user @_hrusty commented,

“valuation developers and personnel can’t sign up fast enough. With drastically lower prices it appears approval of Ethereum’s platform has faltered. The proposed switch to PoS from PoW confirms this IMO”

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