Bitcoin SV [BSV]: Pro-BSV editorial hits back at BTC Developer Jimmy Song’s attack on Satoshi’s Vision

Bitcoin [BTC] developer Jimmy Song launched a scathing attack on Bitcoin SV [BSV] last week, listing down three reasons as to why he believed that the coin was a “scam” and that there is something “peculiar” about its proponents. The BSV camp has now hit back at Song, and the relevance of his claims.

In a video on his YouTube channel “Off Chain with Jimmy Song,” he stated that the main reason for his negative stance on Satoshi’s Vision is Craig Wright, the spearhead of the project and nChain’s chief scientist, whom Song refers to as “a known scammer”. He added that Wright has not produced anything of note, suggesting that he is a con-artist.

Song also cited the lack of development coming from the BSV camp, adding that their protocol is not secure. Finally, Song stated that the BSV camp’s reaction to the hardfork and the following hashwar made him brand their behavior as “peculiar”.

The Bitcoin SV camp, however, has responded via an article on CoinGeek titled “Jimmy Song’s desperate need to be relevant”.

The article started by citing Song’s lack of evidence with reference to his questioning of why people like Daniel Krawisz and Kevin Pham would choose to align themselves with BSV, suspecting that they “might be getting paid-off”.

With reference to developers switching sides to the BSV camp, the article stated:

“The developers and influencers who now support BSV realize that the Bitcoin SV is true to the whitepaper and offers them the greatest flexibility and potential to create in the blockchain space.”

The article further addressed each of the claims put forth by Jimmy Song. The article references a Medium article published by Craig Wright titled “Proof of Work” where he addressed the 2016 signature problem, which was doubted by Jimmy Song and many in the BTC camp.

The article further attacks Song and others who want to deviate from the intended vision mentioned in the original Satoshi whitepaper. It read:

“Of course, Song and BTC Core have a vested interest in Dr. Wright not being Satoshi because if/when people learn the truth, Song and other Anti-Craig Core Cultists like him will face an inevitable backlash for how they’ve bastardized the whitepaper for their self-interest.”

Coming to the second prong of attack, the lack of development, Bitcoin SV cites two key projects that nChain is working on; the first being the SDK kit for developers to build applications on the coin’s network, referred to as “Nakasendo”.

The second is the infamous Teranode Project which kicked off the BSV split from Bitcoin Cash [BCH]. Jimmy Nguyen, the CEO of nChain, had stated that the coin’s main aim for 2019 is scalability and that they will push for 500MB blocks, with 1-2GB blocks coming soon. The eventual goal is to set blocks with no block size cap, as that would be decided by the miners.

Bitcoin SV had announced:

“Bitcoin SV is working to lift the block caps, reinstating the original op_codes and reengaging once thought lost capabilities of on-chain development and apps. Song and his BTC Core brethren are so blinded by off-chain settlement and maximizing fees they’ve forgotten what Bitcoin was supposed to be.”

On the question of the attitude of proponents like Calvin Ayre and Craig Wright, the article stated that Wright and Ayre are free to spend their funds as they please, as is Song.

Finally, the article hit hard at Song’s publicity stunts, citing his debate with Roger Ver, his tweet about Bitcoin as a method of payment using credit cards, his lack of projects on GitHub, the course Song offers on programming blockchain and his cowboy hat.

“Jimmy Song, the man who is most memorable for his cowboy hat rather than his ideas or creations in the BTC world.”

The article concludes with:

“It’s like the old saying goes: Those who can’t do, teach and those who can do, develop on BSV.”

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