Bitcoin Cash [BCH]: Roger Ver promises to sell his Bitcoins if the block size drops to 300KB

The debate around the block size of Bitcoin has long been a contentious topic for the Bitcoin community and has even led to divisive hardforks, with Bitcoin Cash [BCH] and Bitcoin [SV] being prominent examples.

Luke Dashjr, a Bitcoin Core Developer who recently fronted the idea of a decrease in Bitcoin [BTC] block size to 300KB, has sparked a heated debate in the community, leading to several influencers vehemently voicing their opinion.

He tweeted,

“There is never any guarantee. We need to reduce the block size just to have a *realistic hope* of it remaining feasible and *becoming practical again*. The blockchain is *already* bigger than most people are willing to tolerate, and the situation is getting worse and worse.”

Bitcoin Jesus, Roger Ver, CEO of and major BCH proponent recently stated his opposition to Dashjr’s proposal on the latest episode of on YouTube.

Ver was noticeably opposed to Dashjr’s 300 KB idea and even stated that he would go as far as dumping his held Bitcoins if this proposal was implemented.

In the video, Roger Ver went on to say,

“I really really hope that Luke Jr. and all these other guys lower the BTC block size to 300 kilobytes if they do I will sell even more of my BTC. A lot more. Maybe, I would even sell all of it at that point. Absolute Insanity.”

Gabriel Cardona, a Bitcoin Cash developer and the man behind Badger Wallet and Bitbox, also featured in the aforementioned video and opposed Dashjr’s idea. Cardona’s argument against the reduction of the block size was that it would have a detrimental effect on user experience.

In his own words,

“The crazy mistake of shrinking the blocks, the mistake of, depending on the lighting network as a scaling solution, is that it’s just a poor user experience and there are solutions that are superior. And that’s just a fundamental misunderstanding on a deep level.”

On the other side, a firm advocate of the shrinkage solution is John Carvalho, better known in the cryptocurrency community as Bitcoin Error Log. Via a tweet, he said that the shrinkage would make sense because of the Lightning Network, and added that he will run the soft fork.

His tweet read,

“I agree with @LukeDashjr that the block size should be smaller. I feel more confidence to say it now that we have LN making strides. I’ll run the soft fork.

However, Cobra, the co-owner of and also came out in vehement opposition to the idea of shrinkage, calling such soft forks ‘contentious.’

In response to the above tweet by Bitcoin Error Log, Cobra tweeted,

“Stop this madness! Last thing Bitcoin needs is yet more contentious forks in this key year for adoption! A soft fork to “reduce the block size” is a hard fork in all but name. This will split off from the established consensus, cause massive drama, and damage trust in Bitcoin.”

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