Bitcoin Cash [BCH]: Roger Ver pledges to support any cryptocurrency that works and heralds economic freedom

Roger Ver, the outspoken advocate of Bitcoin Cash [BCH] lauded the diversity of the coin market, stating that he did not pledge his allegiance to just any coin, but any coin “that works.”

In a recent interview with the cryptocurrency trading platform SFOX, the CEO, fondly known as Bitcoin Jesus, spoke about his long journey in the cryptoverse, his U-turn from promoting Bitcoin [BTC] to now bashing it, the ongoing censorship within the community, the real identity behind Satoshi Nakamoto and Bitcoin Cash’s future plans.

Ver is known for pushing his preferred token, Bitcoin Cash, the BTC hardfork both on his personal platforms and ironically, on Many proponents of the industry voiced their opposition to’s pro-BCH stance. However, Ver stated that he does not side with Bitcoin Cash alone, but with any cryptocurrency that “gets the job done.”

In the interview, he stated,

“Bitcoin used to be the only cryptocurrency. Now, there are thousands of cryptocurrencies. A lot of people accuse me of attacking Bitcoin, but I have no problem with Bitcoin whatsoever. I’m a fan of absolutely anything that works.”

Ver added that his opposition to BTC began in 2017, when the transaction fee shot up over $50. It was in August of the same year that a Ver-led hard fork split the cryptocurrency to create Bitcoin Cash [BCH]. In August of the same year, Bitcoin Cash hardforked away from the top cryptocurrency and earned Ver’s backing.

About BCH, Ver stated,

“So, we’re busy promoting Bitcoin Cash at right now because it actually works for cash reliably — month after month, year after year. But I’m a fan of anything that works: if it works permissionlessly for people to send or receive money anywhere in the world, I like it.”

Earlier this week, Ver voiced his support for Ross Ulbricht, the man behind Silk Road, the marketplace of the Dark Web that used Bitcoin as a payment currency. In a recent interview, Ver called Silk Road an “amazing, amazing platform.”

He added,

“It was the first platform that showed that Bitcoin could be useable as money beyond the purview of the state’s control. It was because of the Silk Road that I heard about Bitcoin for the first time.”

The CEO further stated that his involvement in the world of cryptocurrency came from a desire to see the control of money slip from the bureaucratic claws of the government and was disseminated to the masses. He stated,

“In the earliest days, everybody involved in Bitcoin — like, 99% of people who were involved — was involved because they wanted to see a separation of money and state. They wanted to see people have choice as to what sort of money they get to use and have control over money; they wanted to see competition in the marketplace of money.”

The interview also addressed the recent debate om Bitcoin’s block size. Ver was previously in the “no block-size limit,” camp. However, he clarified that he is only, “sympathetic to that argument.”

He said,

“I think that the argument that I would make today is that we don’t know what the correct block size is. Nobody knows what the correct block size is. And so, the market participants as a whole should be what determines that block-size limit.”

Roger Ver, has been a cryptocurrency all-rounder since the industry emerged a decade ago, from investing in present-day big names like Ripple and Coinbase to furthering the argument of economic freedom through any cryptocurrency that gets the job done. In his own words,

“And I think permissionless, peer-to-peer cash is an absolutely amazing tool to bring more economic growth to the world.”

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