Bitcoin Cash [BCH] is not Bitcoin [BTC], it is some irrelevant altcoin, says’s Cobra

Cobra, the pseudonym of the co-founder of and, has once again voiced his opinion, this time against Bitcoin Cash [BCH], labeling the fifth-largest cryptocurrency in the market as “some irrelevant altcoin”.

In reply to a tweet put out by the @Bitcoin twitter handle, which was disgruntled that BTC maximalists do not get any flak for being proponents of what it deems is, “NOT bitcoin,” particularly being supporters of the Lightning Network, Litecoin [LTC] and Grin.

The co-founder replied to @Bitcoin’s tweet stating that “Bitcoin Cash is not Bitcoin,” and that no metric will ever confirm that it is.

His tweet in full read:

“But Bitcoin Cash isn’t Bitcoin, and yet you’ve somehow deluded yourself into thinking some irrelevant altcoin is somehow Bitcoin, despite literally every measurable metric saying otherwise.”

Cobra further affirmed his prediction that Bitcoin will remain while Bitcoin Cash will not, stating that even Bitcoin Jesus and massive Bitcoin Cash proponent Roger Ver will return back to Bitcoin in 2019.

He added that Ver is slowly beginning to realize that he is on the “wrong side of history”. Cobra concluded his tweet with his signature line when criticizing Bitcoin Cash and the BCH community, “Bcash is quickly dying”.

Some Bitcoin loyalists will not be so welcoming to Roger Ver, who split from the BTC family in August 2017 following the Bitcoin hardfork. Craig Wright, the chief scientist at nChain and the mind behind Bitcoin SV [BSV], the BCH hardfork, might not be welcomed into the BTC fold with open arms as well.

A twitter user jratcliff63367 compared welcoming Ver and Wright to:

“That’s like welcoming a robber back into your home. Not gonna happen.”

Guy Bennett tweeted, suggesting that the introduction of Bitcoin Cash was nothing more than an elaborate scam by Roger Ver:

“Sure. As soon as Roger acknowledges how much money he scammed from new people entering the crypto realm by trying to conflate BCash with Bitcoin. That is a special kind of evil. Especially as people held their BCH bags as it dropped over 80% this year from .223 to .034 BTC.”

Interestingly enough, Cobra held a completely different opinion of Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV earlier in the week. He stated that BCH was as addictive as heroin due to its low fees and quick confirmations and went on to compare Bitcoin SV to Fentanyl. This complete switch in opinion on the Bitcoin hardfork has made the community seriously question Cobra’s credibility on the matter.

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