Bitcoin [BTC] is the perfect solution for the digital world, says Anthony Pompliano

Anthony Pompliano, the founder of Morgan Creek Digital, recently published a blog clarifying his earlier tweet where he posted,

“The reason it is so hard for so many humans to understand crypto assets is because these assets are not for us. They are being built for the machines.”

In his recent blog post, Pomp acknowledged that all physical assets – stocks, contracts, and money, were all useful for the ‘analog world’ whereas they have zero utility in a completely digitized world. And by completely digitized, he elucidated, a world with ‘no borders’ connecting billions of people around the world; a high degree of connectivity with more efficient transmission of information and value and increased dependence on technology.

Pompliano stated,

“The digital world needs digitally native assets.”

Pomp stated that he believes that the largest decentralized crypto asset, Bitcoin [BTC] was the perfect solution for a digital world because of its transparent nature and compatibility with machines, as opposed to traditional money. He further wrote,

“Wide adoption of the digital tokens will catapult the global transactions settlement at low cost and at a faster speed.”

Pomp further called for ‘smart security’ or tokenized security as alternatives to mainstream stocks whose transactions across borders are inefficient and less transparent when compared to smart security ones. He further asserted,

“The securities are highly divisible and can empower an entirely new world of ownership. Rather than simply owning the equity in a large corporation like Apple, the machines will be able to offer ownership in individual divisions of a company, individual product lines, or even claims on cash flow of a single revenue stream.”

Leveraging the blockchain technology, Pomp’s plans include revolutionizing assets to agreements between two parties with “greater efficiencies, less counter-party risk, and higher degrees of trust and transparency.”

Pompliano also believes that within a decade, smart securities will be deployed by major institutional players of the world as default and most countries will employ ‘native digital currency’ in the digital world.

He concluded the post by stating,

“We just need to realize our role is to ensure they have the assets and contracts necessary to help us improve the world.”

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