Alleged Stellar Lumens [XLM] scam: Twitter user exposes phishing fraud involving free ‘Stellar Lightning’ tokens

The cryptocurrency market has seen many scams recently, for people to turn into a skeptic. Even though the type of scam changes, this time there is an unidentified person or a group who are phishing for people’s public key for giving out free Stellar Lightning [XLL], which the hackers say has come into existence due to Stellar Lumens fork.

The group or the individual indulged in a phishing attempt, which means they sent out fraudulent emails to people claiming to give them this newly formed token to XLM holders at a 1:5 ratio. One of the Twitter users, @sniko_ figured out the scam and informed the rest of the community about it.

The Twitter user tweeted:

“There is #phishing scam going around targeting $XLM users phishing for your secrets!”

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

The user mentioned that the scam is run under the domain name of xllwallet[.]com AS206397. People receive a mail where the subject line says “Get free XLL- Stellar Lightning!”, which envelopes a link directed to a page which asks the users to enter their private key in order to get this made-up token.

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

The Twitter user tagged Namecheap, which provides services on domain name registration, GeniusGuardCom, that specializes in DDoS protected web hosting and Stellar Organization to take note. Namecheap was prompt to reply and said:

“Thanks for reporting, Harry! The corresponding team is checking the website now.”

The user also informed the community that the domain was blacklisted by @EthAddrLookup, the Twitter users page and @metamask_io users. also informed the users about this scam on Twitter when another user asked them to confirm the legitimacy of this website. posted:

“Confirmed scam / phishing. 💀

🎣There is a whole network of sites capitalizing on your fear surrounding the fork. Don’t fall for it! Don’t give them your private keys (or keystore files or seed phrases!)”.

Another Twitter user, @FlyGuyInTheSky pointed towards another site that was promoted by @myetherwallet. The tweet by the user read:

“@MyCrypto Please confirm that #etcv is a #scam Many people will be giving away their private keys. @myetherwallet is supporting them? They ask people to download an official ETCV wallet and use their #ethereum private key. Just noticed site „suspended“”.

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

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