5 Things to Consider When You Are Managing a Medium to Large Crypto Mining Farm

Managing a mining farm, no matter of what size can be a challenging task. You not only need to be an expert on the hardware and software part, but it also requires a lot of organizational skills, following the latest releases, learning about mining optimization, and more. The more machines you manage, the easier it gets to get lost between all the tasks.

Here are 5 things that you should not forget about when managing a crypto mining farm.


Once you have the hardware ready, the most important thing to consider is the software:

If you have a mining farm with Nvidia and AMD rigs, will you use Windows or Linux based mining OS? Which mining clients do you need? Which software allows you fine tuning and as many features as possible to achieve the best possible results? If you have ASICs, will the simple web dashboard be enough? Do you need the overlook overall farm?

If you have both – does the software you have chosen allow you to manage both types of machines from one dashboard? Also, consider the pricing: paying as low as possible per machine might seem a better choice, but always compare the features you get for it. If one software allows features that will make 50% better stability and is 20% more expensive, selecting the cheaper option will turn out to be more expensive in the end.

Smart triggers

Most mining management solutions offer alerts and notifications, which is great. It is always nice that you get notified when the machine is offline or when your hashrate dropped significantly. But what really saves you time and nerves are smart triggers.

Triggers make automatic action whenever an event occurs. For example, it happens a lot of time with ASICs that the hashrate drops gradually. With the hashrate drop, so does the efficiency. In such a case, you can make a smart trigger that will reboot your ASIC whenever the efficiency drops below 90%.

Another great trigger is to set up a rig restart or rig reboot whenever the temperature reaches the level that is not acceptable to you. In this way, you can make a smart auto fan that is adjusted just for your rigs. Connecting all of this with smart relays, you can make the whole hardware watchdog system that will solve most of the issues automatically.

Team and customer management

If your tech colleagues are helping you manage the mining farm, it might be good that they have the access too. For all billing related things, you might want to include the person taking care of finances as well and give them the accountant privileges.

If you have customers and they want to monitor the workers or hashrate they bought with you, you might want to give them the access as well. In this case, public profiles are the best solution. Make sure to organize them as much as possible, as this will take you less time to find anything you are looking for.

Profit switch

There are people that hate profit switch and there are people that would switch whenever there is some more profitable coin available. Take the middle path and set up profit switch that is fully adjusted to your mining farm and your needs.

Switch between coins that you believe in or switch between different multi-algo pools and set the payouts in a cryptocurrency that fits your business.

Heat map

One of the features that can come handy to you is organizing your mining machines to fit the actual placement. Checking the heat map will show you in which areas the temperature is too high and in which areas it would be good to optimize the air flow.