XRP Plus becomes the latest XRP related scam as community blasts impersonators

XRP’s developments in the cryptocurrency industry have been something to stand up and take notice with multiple partnerships with institutional investors being the main highlight. Along with the tie-ups, scams and frauds, XRP has also grabbed the headlines with impersonators being a key point of focus.

The latest fraud related to XRP is called XRP Plus, a cryptocurrency that was called out due to the presence of David Schwartz’s photo on the XRP Plus website. David Schwartz is the Chief Technology Officer of Ripple, the parent company of the second largest cryptocurrency on the planet, XRP. The fake news about XRP Plus was actually circulated via Weibo, a popular Chinese social media platform.

Dr. T, a popular XRP proponent on Twitter had stated:

“The scams just don’t end do they? Is this a co-ordinated attack on XRP by anti-XRP forces? XRP [email protected]#[email protected]#[email protected]#[email protected]#[email protected]#[email protected]#[email protected]#$ ARE YOU SERIOUS?!”

Once the news was revealed, the XRP supporters or the XRP army as they are commonly called, rallied behind the cryptocurrency by defending its integrity. There were cries of ‘we need to defend the actual XRP’ while others stated that ‘we are only interested in the actual XRP’.

This past week has certainly been an active one for XRP as another cryptocurrency called XRP Classic had emerged on social media websites as well as cryptocurrency ranking websites like CoinMarketCap. Even though it has the name XRP in it, the whitepaper of the so-called XRP Classic provides a very unprofessional look with mistakes present in it. Alecryptox, an XRP user and enthusiast had tweeted:

“WHAT SCAM IS XRPCLASSIC AND WHY IS COINMARKET CAP LISTING IT!!!RETWEET WIDELY!This is a prime example of why we need regulation to save people from this!”

As per some reports, XRP Classic is an ERC20 token and when spotted on CoinMarketCap, it was trading for $0.000001. Another XRP user, cryptovonripple commented:

“Wow! Blatantly Scamming folks as if it ain’t no thang… Welcome to Crypto Twitter folks. THERE IS AND WILL ONLY EVER BE ONLY ONE #XRP – Not even Stellar Lumens (#XLM) could make a decent copy.”

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