Tron is expected to launch BitTorrent livestreaming feature in 2019, says Foundation

Tron [TRX], the ninth largest cryptocurrency by market cap, continues to strive forward in the market. The Foundation has made another announcement pertaining to their next big plan for BitTorrent, one of the biggest Torrent platform around the globe with over 100 million monthly users.

The announcement regarding their next steps was made during the niTron summit 2019, the very first conference hosted by Tron. Justin Sun, the CEO and Founder of Tron Foundation, stated that BitTorrent could launch a livestreaming feature. This could be one of the biggest agenda of the team as this launch would mean going against the biggest tech firms in the world like Facebook, Youtube and Twitch.

Tron Foundation said:

“If everything goes as planned with #BTT, #TRON is expected to launch BT’s livestreaming feature in 2019.”

Moreover, during the summit, Justin Knoll, project lead of Project Atlas, spoke about the BitTorrent protocol. He stated that the BitTorrent token [BTT] complements the BitTorrent incentive mechanism and that BitTorrent’s speed would enhance the BitTorrent protocol by changing the operational principles of the clients.

He further revealed that Tron will be playing a key role, connecting BitTorrent protocol and its users, who will be able to download much faster. Knoll also stated that the incentive mechanism would encourage users to seed more on the network. Justin Sun also unveiled BitTorrent speed, a blockchain based application, during the summit.

J Walker, a Twitterati said:

“Only live streaming app that you can reach large groups with are social media apps. If you can make this with business class moderator features this would be huge. WebEx/ BlueJeans can only do 15,000 live views thats why you have to use periscope. leveraging the P2P network with compute also helps with POPS. The media server would be closer to connect for the most part on such a large network.”

Zander Perk, a Redditor said:

“This will be an interesting way for artists to get paid. Wonder if it will catch on. If it’s a solid UI that loads quickly and operates as effortlessly as YT, they could have a solid amount of users.”

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