Sindri Steffanson and six others sentenced for Iceland’s biggest mining rigs theft

Sindri Steffanson, who was accused and arrested for looting mining equipment worth over $2 million from the mining firm Advania Data Centre, has been slapped with a four and a half years sentence. Sindri and six partners of the major cybercrime in the history of Iceland, have been convicted for a total of nine years and seven months for their involvement in multiple episodes of crimes. After fleeing the jail on December last year, he managed to travel all the way to Germany and was arrested in Amsterdam.

Sindri and his partners stole 100 mining machinery from Algrim Consulting prior to this heist. The crew also attempted to steal rigs from Borealis Data Centre but failed after they accidentally set off an alarm. Advania has been compensated with $200,000. However, the stolen machinery that accounted for nearly 600 mining systems, have not been found yet.

The Bitcoin mining wave in the Nordic island nation escalated following the prices of the digital assets that soared during the mid-2017s. Owing to the cold-climate along with low-cost energy sources, the world’s five largest mining farms are located in this country. With the increase in crypto adoption, there has been an increase in cybercrimes. To tackle the burgeoning security issues in the space, BitGo has collaborated with the trading firm Genesis Global Trading to provide a secure mechanism to execute the trading process.

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