Roger Ver: Fake social media accounts using my name have scammed over $6 million

Roger Ver, the CEO of and a major proponent of Bitcoin Cash [BCH], stated that fake social media accounts using his details have been used to scam online users of $6 million in cryptocurrency.

In the January 20 episode from the YouTube channel featuring Roger Ver, Corbin Fraser, and special guest Akane Yokoo from Peaceful Warrior, a BCH adoption merchandise website, the trio discussed the issue of “Crypto Impersonations,” especially the ones using Roger Ver’s name.

Scams built on using Roger Ver’s name have been on the rise with multiple fake accounts being used to contact uninformed Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash investors, said Ver. He specifically spoke about the use of Twitter and Instagram to prop up fake Ver profiles.

He stated:

“Fake social media Roger accounts (Roger Ver accounts) they’ve scammed, that I know of, over $6 million dollars-worth of crypto.”

Roger Ver further broke down the aforementioned number as $5 million being attained from a single company, a million from another scam, and a few thousand dollar scams from other individuals.

Twitter scams have decreased after the social media website provided Ver with a verified symbol, decreasing the threat of impersonations. However, fake profiles of the CEO are still rampant.

Instagram users have to be cautious of the Roger Ver accounts that contact them, as his profile is not verified despite him submitting his passport for verification. Ver stated that his account on Instagram is @roger, with all other accounts being fake.

In light of the above scams, Ver affirmed in the interview:

“I’m never ever ever going to contact any of you guys asking for money or asking to invest in something via direct message on any of these social media platforms.”

Ver even suggested the idea of a “Proof of Human (PoH)” concept on the blockchain that will help the masses identify genuine and fake social media accounts. He even invited entrepreneurs to build such a network which he thinks is necessary for the market.

A post on Steemit, the social media platform that rewards people for content creation, detailed an encounter with a fake Roger Ver profile in order to scam a user. The post, published by a mrdeleted, stated that the fraudster got .08 of a Bitcoin [BTC] from the user by using Ver’s fake profile.

Crypto-impersonations were on the rise in 2018, with several top influencer’s profiles being misappropriated in order to swindle millions. In addition to Ver, fake profiles of Elon Musk, Vitalik Buterin, Erik Voorhees, Barry Silbert, and John McAfee have all been faked to run scams.

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