Litecoin [LTC]’s new logo met with mixed response by the Litecoin community

Recently, the Litecoin Foundation moved to adopt a new, light blue logo for Litecoin in a step that it hoped, would herald a reversal of fortunes for a struggling cryptocurrency. However, after an overwhelmingly positive reception that welcomed it, the reaction to the new logo has stalled and some have begun to voice their disapproval of the same.

The new logo, designed by an Australia-based designing firm, was meant to symbolize Litecoin’s brand evolution and modernization, with an emphasis on trust and speed. However, some in the community have already started voicing their displeasure about the new logo.

@oasacethis, a Twitter user said:

Source: Twitter

Another Twitter user @TheOGbull said:

“The silver logo is iconic and should not be played with, to avoid confusion. Bitcoin’s orange logo is rarely tinkered with. It should be the same when it comes to litecoin.”

There have also been others who have criticized any move to re-brand Litecoin as futile as they feel that the move doesn’t address the real challenges faced by Litecoin in the cryptocurrency market.

However, there have been many positive responses too, with users commending the efforts of the Litecoin foundation and welcoming the move as necessary to the forward track of the cryptocurrency. Many users have also justified the logo change and have argued passionately about the merits of the new logo.

Many have correctly pointed out that each of the changes, whether it is the italicized font or the change in color, works in favor of a brand looking for new fortunes. The former for instance is representative of speed while the latter is a color adopted by the biggest brands in the world such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and denotes a sense of trust and security and gives an instant sense of recognition.

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