Litecoin [LTC] doubles down on ‘Trust’ and ‘Speed;’ Moves to adopt new light blue logo

The Litecoin [LTC] community today moved to adopt its new, light blue logo in a move which it hopes, will mark a change in fortune for the embattled stablecoin. The logo, which was first seen at UFC232 after the Litecoin Foundation’s sponsorship deal with Ultimate Fighting Championship has apparently endeared many among the Litecoin user base, many of whom want it to be more widely adopted.

The new light blue logo, designed by the Australia-based design agency, The Tokens Agency will be free to use without any restriction, in consonance with the open source nature of the Litecoin platform, the foundation announced through its Medium channel. The vocal support for the new logo may have come as a surprise for some as the logo in question was initially meant to highlight prominence against the backdrop of a grey UFC ring. Now, however, it will be pushed on multiple platforms to give a more modern, cohesive image of Litecoin.


Robbie Coleman, the Founder of the Token’s Agency, the designing firm, had this to say about the project,

” Litecoin users and holders, we wanted to apply our creative agency’s skillset to LTC in some way. Designing for the decentralized coin — and all the complexity that came with it — also seemed like an awesome challenge, one few creative agency’s were taking on.”

Coleman also went on to say that the final product is a result of months of surveys and critical feedback the agency received from Litecoin’s active Reddit community. It was found that many in the community were in favor of re-branding and giving Litecoin a new image to adopt by highlighting key elements such as ‘Speed’ and ‘Trust.’

Litecoin isn’t the first cryptocurrency trying to reinvent itself with a new logo. Early this month, the Bitcoin SV logo was redesigned to better reflect Satoshi’s original vision and the root of association. In June of last year, XRP, changed its logo too in an effort to re-brand itself after the previous logo was compared to a fidget spinner.

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