Haven Protocol [XHV]’s “exit scam” put on hold as developer comes back to shoo away the FUD

The Haven Protocol community panicked as they believed that the developer might have abandoned the project and it could turn out to be yet another “exit scam”. The panic was thwarted as the developer came back from what seemed like a long absence and confirmed that the exit scam was just FUD.

The developer’s Twitter handle @havendev was tagged in a thread on January 21, 2019, by a user @cryptoblkbeard saying that Haven Protocol was an exit scam.

The thread contained a screenshot of a Discord chat of user @news.ctuler who seemed distraught due to the absence of the core developer of the project.

news.cutler said:

“Consider this project dead unless some devs take it over.
@havendev is apparently the only person with access to the code repository was asked weeks ago to open it up so other contributor could help out and review the code.
Ever since then we haven’t heard from him.”

He continued saying that the developer was asked to make the dev fee transparent and there was still no reply from the core developer. news.cutler said that he would be gone even if the core developer showed up.

Another Discord user @donjor said that he concurred with news.cutler and that they could fork the repository if need be and as long as it helped the Haven community. He said that he would try and connect with @havendev and gain access to the code.

After all the commotion on Twitter and Discord, the developer reached out to the community and put an end to the FUD of Haven Protocol being an exit scam. He said:

“Haven development has been ongoing. I have still been working on the offshore code through Christmas and new year. I stepped down from running the Discord and social networks 4-6 months ago and handed that control over to @donjor and @news.cutler.
In light of the insane amount of FUD, and although I want to keep the offshore code under wraps I will prepare it and hand it all to the team so that they can hire new devs to work o nn it. I will continue to help the team where I can.”

More updates from the community about the code repository are yet to surface. The price of XHV dropped on January 21, 2019, and it has spiked up from $0.3097 to $0.3679. The 24-hour price change shows a massive 9.17% increase after the positive news about the dev.

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