Ethereum [ETH]’s major factor is its application, says Pompliano

Anthony Pompliano, popularly known as Pomp, founder of Morgan Creek Digital, spoke about the what 2019 has in hold for Ethereum, during an interview with CNBC Crypto Trader. He also elucidated on how the blockchain would be opted by developers apart from Ethereum.

Anthony stated that the big factor around Ethereum, at present, is actual applications, adding that there were several projects built on top of it. He went on to that there were many ICOs that raised a lot of money claiming to build big things in 2017, stating that “two years later [current timeframe], we got to see some of these projects come to fruition”.

The founder further stated:

“What I’m really looking for is the adoption, right. Just releasing the product is step one, I think a lot of projects will actually get to that milestone but what I want to see is can we get you know a couple hundred thousand users on one of these or two of these applications and using this thing on a daily basis.”

Pomp added that this would be a “fantastic” milestone for Ethereum and would make a bold case for its potential in the future. This was followed with him speaking about whether 2019 is the year of next ‘Killer App’ on Ethereum. Here, Pomp stated that he does not “pretend” to know what the killer app is going to be, but does look at the applications users spend their time. He said:

“I think there’s a lot of developers that are building very interesting things but it’s just gonna come down to what does the data tell us is that killer app and I think it’s gonna be something that no one’s expecting. So I just don’t even try to try to guess.”

Pomp also elucidated on the chain developers would build on their dApps on, if the chain is not Ethereum. He stated that, in this scenario, it would be Bitcoin. He stated that a lot of application will move towards the most secure chain if there is “feature parity”. He said:

“So, if you can build smart contracts on Bitcoin just like you can on Ethereum, all that parity of features, functionality is really important. Now, that can happen through things like lightning through side chains you know liquid RSK I mean there’s all kinds of things that people are building […] I think Ethereum has got a place in the world in the future I think Bitcoin is going to be much much more important than people actually think today.”

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