Bittrex’s technical glitch causes mass hysteria amongst users

The cryptocurrency market has seen enough hacks to make the users skeptical of any little glitch on the trading platforms. A similar incident took place on early January 30, when major cryptocurrency exchange Bittrex underwent certain “technical difficulties” that was enough for people to ask whether their funds were “safu”.

Bittrex had taken to their social media handle on Twitter to apologize to the users and address the issue. Bittrex’s tweet read:

“We apologize for the inconvenience, but we are encountering technical difficulties. We are working as quickly as we can to have access restored. We will continue to provide updates as we confirm more information.”

The users were also prompt in addressing their concerns to the exchange on the thread. Twitter user @pushpendrakum asked, “Are funds safu?”, to which the exchange explained that the site is undergoing some technical glitches. However, this did not satisfy another twitter user, @CajunHODL as the user said:

“That’s not a “yes””l

@CajunHODL wasn’t the only skeptic as few others showed the fear of hackers and were discussing to switch exchanges on the same twitter thread. @Dev17663067 said:

“Maybe time to switch to aws? More reliable.”

Meanwhile, Bittrex identified the problem to be vendor network outage and asked the users to have patience as they solve the problem. The exchange also informed the users that no orders were placed or executed during the downtime. Their direct communication with each and every tweet did not go unappreciated by the users and @CryptoQuantUK said:

“thank you guys at bittrex! I knew you would be on it, number #1 exchange of all time, wishing you success through 2019, kevin lock, UK”

Bittrex fast-tracked the process of fixing the problem from their end and were successful in doing so within hours. The exchange informed the users about the problem and that they have fixed it in a Twitter post.

“All fixed! The vendor network issue is resolved. Markets and wallets are back online. No orders were placed or executed during the downtime. All pending deposits have been credited.”

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