wallet’s biggest update to be announced soon, says Bitcoin Cash [BCH]’s Roger Ver

The wallet is gearing up for a massive update, as stated by Roger Ver, the CEO of Although details of the update have not been released by the Bitcoin Cash [BCH] proponent, this is pegged as a highly anticipated move in the market.

The move was announced in an episode uploaded on the YouTube channel, featuring Ver, Corbin Fraser, and Akane Yokoo, from Peaceful Warrior. Among the topics discussed was the upcoming update which Ver said would be out when the video was released i.e. January 20.

Roger Ver described the upcoming update as the:

“Biggest ever to the wallet”

The trio further mentioned that the new features of the wallet will be listed via a post on the r/btc subreddit along with a separate video explaining the same.

Another pertinent integration into the wallet is, the cryptocurrency-fuelled crowdfunding application. Ver stated that work has begun to integrate Bitbacker “directly into the wallet”.

Bitbacker is pegged as an alternative to Pateron after the latter banned several political and social personalities. Many in the cryptocurrency realm that aim to decentralize authority have flocked to Bitbacker as an essential replacement, now with the service integration of the wallet.

A wallet user on Reddit stated that they would like the following features to be part of the update:

1. Spend and replace built right into the wallet
2. Strong privacy thanks to Coinshuffle
3. Improving the transaction creation, signing, and broadcasting speed

In the aforementioned interview, Roger Ver also spoke about the increasing cases of crypto-impersonations, where scam artists are impersonating influencers in the cryptocurrency realm, like Roger Ver, in order to cheat nascent investors. Ver highlighted that over $6 million have been swindled using his details to set up fake accounts alone.

During the recently held Libertarian Party students i.e. Students for Liberty conference, the team gave away free Bitcoin Cash [BCH] to every attendee of the conference via their “Golden Tickets”.

Roger Ver recently was the subject of severe criticism by the Bitcoin community when he stated, via a tweet, that the current version of Bitcoin Cash was a manifestation of Bitcoin when it was originally launched.

He referenced the same in the video where he stated that BCH is the only cryptocurrency with an effective “Peer-to-peer electronic cash system for online payments”. Bitcoin-advocates on Reddit have gone on to compare this tweet by Ver to a ‘borderline scam,’ accusing him of trying to misdirect new investors and a ploy to market Bitcoin Cash.

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