Bitcoin Cash is dead, will be worthless in a few years: co-founder

Bitcoin Cash [BCH], the Bitcoin [BTC] hardfork was touted to be the revelation of the crypto-world and a redefinition of Bitcoin itself, but 18 months later, it has fallen in the ranks. Cobra, a pseudonym for the infamous co-founder of and has stated that BCH is worthless.

In a tweet posted on January 18, Cobra stated that Bitcoin Cash is not just dying, but it is dead and due to a lack of vision and purpose, the coin’s value will drop to $0 in a matter of years.

His tweet stated:

“Bitcoin Cash is dead. Needs new leadership and direction/purpose otherwise it’ll be worth $0 in a few years.”

When asked in the comments about the prospects of “leadership,” which can also be equated to the centrality of control for the cryptocurrency, an antithetical concept to the whole purpose of Bitcoin, Cobra responded:

“Yeah, but Bitcoin Cash isn’t Bitcoin. Bitcoin can survive with no leaders, but Bitcoin Cash is different and needs to be shown the way.”

Another comment by Ryan_Pafumi read:

“It was always worthless, just like all the forks have turned out to be. Now it just needs to be put down.”

Some users stated that their skepticism regarding BCH began after the November 2018 hardfork which gave rise to the tenth ranked crypto on the market, Bitcoin SV [BSV] backed by nChain’s Craig Wright and Calvin Ayre.

Another tweet, citing the November hardfork read:

“Foresight – Sold bitcoin Cash 2 weeks after fork knowing it would go to 0.”

Undoubtedly, the biggest proponent of Bitcoin Cash is Roger Ver, the CEO of, who is not subtle with his praise of the Bitcoin hardfork. Ver also backed Bitcoin Cash’s hardfork, Bitcoin Cash ABC, which has been riding a bearish wave since its emergence.

Earlier this week, Ver stated, via a tweet that Bitcoin Cash in 2019 is what Bitcoin was originally meant to be when it was launched. In the same tweet, he included the original Bitcoin whitepaper and highlighted the “Peer-to-peer electronic cash system” that Bitcoin introduced, which he believes BCH currently touts.

Cobra replied to Roger Ver’s above tweet, stating:

“Notice how the whitepaper points to .ORG and not to the fake .COM which Satoshi said has “nothing to do” with Bitcoin? YOU are the one fooling people!”

Lastly, opponents of BCH are also annoyed with Ver over his domain and their relentless BCH narrative. In the light of this, John Carvalho, the man behind Bitcoin Error Log challenged Roger Ver to a ‘fight’ for the rights to

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