Bitcoin Cash [BCH] proponent Roger Ver accused of running a Bitcoin Cash scam by the Reddit Bitcoin community

Earlier this week, Roger Ver, the CEO of received significant criticism from the Bitcoin community when he tweeted that Bitcoin Cash [BCH] in 2019 is what Bitcoin [BTC] was when it was originally released in 2009.

Ver further substantiated his claim by saying that those who are looking to purchase BTC in 2019, are “looking for BCH, the peer to peer electronic cash system.” He also included the original whitepaper highlighting the peer-to-peer system, which he believes BCH currently holds.

Needless to say, proponents of the Bitcoin community were not happy with this comparison and in one of the posts in the r/Bitcoin subreddit, which has over a million subscribers, he was accused of borderline scamming inexperienced investors.

Several displeased investors are accusing Bitcoin Cash of trying to increase adoption by leaching off the fame of Bitcoin proper. Some have even said that this comparison is yet another ploy by Roger Ver to increase awareness about Bitcoin Cash.

A user MichielLangkamp commented:

“Why can’t BCH stand on its own, why does it have to piggyback and use this kind of tactic to entice people? It should be able to stand on its own. This is confusing as hell for new people.”

Roger Ver is also hell-bent on the semantics of the cryptocurrency, refusing to call it, “BCash” and lambasting those who do. Some users also dwelled that the reason for this was because Ver wants BCH to always be associated with Bitcoin, due to the sheer reach and awareness of the top-cryptocurrency.

With reference to the above, a user commented:

“That’s why he hates people calling BCH “BCash”, because without “Bitcoin” in the name, it is just another altcoin.”

Some users accused Ver of deliberately trying to mislead the new investors in the market by equating the two digital currencies. Others have suggested that this is a “marketing” tactic employed by Ver to pull new and uninformed investors to BCH rather than BTC.

Reddit didn’t hold back with their criticism of Ver:

“Because their leader (Roger Ver) knows that if they try to stand on their own, they will finish failing, and he will have to face the fact that he has caused more damage to Bitcoin’s reputation than anyone else in recent years. His ego won’t allow that to happen.”

Another bone of contention for the community is, run by Roger Ver, and their relentless pro-Bitcoin Cash bias, which, once again, misleads investors. Recently, John Carvalho, better known as Bitcoin Error Log challenged Ver to a ‘fight’ with the control of as the wager. Carvalho suggested that if he wins and gains control of he would redirect it to

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