Bitcoin [BTC] proponent calls out fake conferences as community comes together


Bitcoin [BTC] and other cryptocurrencies have had a rollercoaster ride over the past few weeks, with the prices and the investor sentiment fluctuating throughout. In the midst of this, many proponents and critics of the space have done their fair share of work to put the industry in the limelight.

Recently Andreas Antonopoulos, the author of Mastering Bitcoin and a Bitcoin [BTC] proponent, announced that some cryptocurrency conferences were spreading fake news of attending the events. The main culprit of this scam is Ed Reich’s Ledger & Tokens Investor Summit. Antonopoulos had tweeted:

“A scam-conference by

@edevanrich is sending out an email ( …) with a list of “confirmed speakers”. I’m not “confirmed”. How many others are lies?”

The Bitcoin bull also posted a GitHub thread talking about the invite and its contents. The list of speakers included Andreas himself, Sir John Hargrave and Olga Feldmeier. Later discussions on Antonopoulos’ Twitter thread revealed that several names on the list were unaware of the news. Adryenn Ashley, another name on the list and a famous crypto influencer replied:

“I don’t think so! I’d know if I was sharing a stage with you!”

To which Antonopoulos replied:

“Third lie by @edevanrich. Keep them coming…”

Some other followers had other suggestions for Andreas, even going to the extent of putting forth Cease and Desist orders to which he said:

“No need. Name and shame works better than cease and desist. People who abuse my reputation get to deal with the backlash.”

Antonopoulos was also in the news recently when he claimed that Bitcoin can achieve Store of Value over long periods of time. He had elucidated on the ways in which Bitcoin could be used as money rather than the idea of using it in day-to-day commerce. He then spoke about how money has three fundamental functions: Medium of Exchange [MoE], Store of Value [SoV] and Unit of Account [UoA]. In his words:

“[So far, Bitcoin is] able to achieve store of value over long periods of time, with a few asterisks. [Bitcoin is] not very good at doing medium of exchange. The velocity of transactions is not good enough yet. The blockchains [with faster confirmation times] sacrifice decentralization in order to do that. As a result, that is not a sacrifice worth doing. So, we’re not ready.”

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